In Ground Floor Safes

We recommend Premium Floor Safes. They offer:

•Excellent concealment because they are under the floor

•Good physical strength against an attack

•Good fire protection
During a fire, heat naturally rises, while the extinguishing water falls. It is advisable to store valuable papers and/or documents in a watertight container within the safe.

Premium floor safes are available in either key or combination locking and in three sizes being the 1000, 2000 & 3000 series. Two qualities offering a mild steel lid with hardening or a stainless steel lid.

GUARDALL free standing safes
This range of safes offers exceptional value. Our most common selling safes being the F1, F2 and FL160E. These three safes are uniquely designed for domestic use.

They offer:

•½ hour fire resistance;

•A filled concrete body;

•An electric code pad with prison quality like key over-ride;

•Adequate volume for the normal domestic use

•Easy deliver through need to be bolted down

•*Pricing is less than $60,000

A very popular safe for small business is the FL70 which is large enough to place a till drawer or laptop into it overnight. Again this has a digital code pad with a prison key override.
*Pricing on these is less than $1000

GUARDALL rifle safes:
These are the best value gun/rifle safe on the Australian market today. Available in both key only or digital combination lock, operating three-way bolt work with a separate lockable compartment in the top for ammunition. It is a legal requirement in South Australia that these be bolted down.

Commercial Safes for Higher Cash Value Storage
We are agents for the Chubb Safe range and are able to offer a variety of safes suitable for the storage of larger sums of money. We can supply details on safes commensurate with your risk. We will need to know the approximate value and volume of what you are trying to protect.

Fire Resistant Units
Fire resistant equipment is essential for the storage of your data. It is important that you select a piece of equipment which is capable of storing sufficient volume for your needs and be suitable for the type of data you are protecting. Paper storage is available in filing cabinets and in swinging door fridge-style cabinets.

Protection of computer data media requires special cabinets because the temperature that data is affected at is lower than the normal paper storage units can provide.

Second Hand Safes
We carry at any time a number of large second hand safes, which usually retail for about half the price of the equivalent new versions. Again, we may need to discuss your particular needs as to the type of safe to suit you.