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Electronic access may be by code pad, finger print or card.

Code pads and finger print readers can be stand alone, replacing your existing conventional key lock or knob set. This can offer a domestic solution to carrying keys. They can be installed into buildings and offer virtually all the features of a card access system without the need to carry a card.

Commercially most companies use a card access system as this is very easy to manage and control. Finger prints are very time consuming to enrol in a large organisation and pin numbers are easily communicated to unauthorised personnel presenting definite security concerns.

The main benefits of any electronic access system are:

  • The ability to delete users or cards without the need to affect other users.
  • Cost effective (a card is a fraction of the price of a mechanical key).
  • Audit control – you can trace back all activities either by users or doors.
  • In-house control
  • Time zone availability for users and doors
  • Public holidays and daylight saving can be set to automatically occur
  • Some systems can now communicate via your smart phone giving access and permissions.

We need to understand your requirements before we can recommend any particular products. We offer a FREE consultation and site survey when required.