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Commercial & Residential Locks

Did you know you can have all your locks keyed alike?

In most instances you can have just one key to unlock all your doors – screen doors, front doors, back doors, garage etc. This system applies for both residential and commercial premises.

Our Keys

We recommend and use a range of different profile keys which are not available at all to other key cutters.

The particular choice of profile depends on the level of security you deem necessary and the most economical product for your application.

Our normal profiles are:

  • RDA – a Lockwood product)
  • GP1 – a Master Locksmiths product)
  • Kaba Expert – one of the best key protection systems in the Australian market today. The keys are uniquely programmed to our own specific dealer “configuration” which means that it is impossible for other dealers to duplicate our keys. Kaba offers over 43 million permutations of a particular key. Highly recommended.

Master Keying

Master keying is the engineering of the lock chambers so that groups of locks can be operated by more than one key.


  • A Master key operates all the locks on a site.
  • A Sub-Master operates all doors in a particular building.
  • Servant keys operate individual doors within a building and/or an entrance door.

Master key systems can be as large or as small as you require. These key systems are registered at our business (and kept safely) so only you can have the appropriate key for the appropriate door.

Restricted Keys

Restricted means that only you (and/or your nominees) may have more keys cut. We hold your signature/s on our files and when you need that extra key we check your signature against our records and will advise you when it is ready for collection or send it out to you. Your restricted keys are marked as such on the key head and this will indicate to others that you have a system held at our workshop and that only we can cut you those keys.

This system will safeguard you against other people trying to copy your key. If you have tenants for example, only you as Landlord will supply your tenants’ keys.

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